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Here's what I can find on "addiction" to nicotine without tobacco:

This one, with my favorite word “can” and of 18 people, does not show addiction.

Nicotine reinforcement in never-smokers.

Read the title twice before you click this next one….

Three Decades of High-Dose Nicotine Gum Dependence Treated With Nicotine Patches.

A survey showing less than once percent.

Addiction to the nicotine gum in never smokers

I found this as well:

Nicotine self-administration

Really. With all the “as addictive” claims, why are there so few “sort of” references?

Because nicotine addiction doesn’t exist.

The challenge to find nicotine addiction is now perpetual.

If you can show nicotine addictionwithout tobacco or MAOI's, please submit that here:

International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organizations


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Nicotine Science And Policy

The world has been manipulated into believing that nicotine itself is addictive. It isn’t. Decades of the assertion of nicotine addiction is wrong. Millions of smokers have been lied to.  Millions have believed the addictive property in cigarettes is nicotine alone by default or design. MILLIONS have tried to “quit or die” with “approved” methods.

The assertion of nicotine “addiction” by “public health” is profitable and absurd.

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